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Friday, April 17, 2009

Teens Changing The World

A new organization around the Kona scene.
Promoting peace and all that. We will be organizing a graffiti campaign soon as well as free art campaigns, blogs, articles all that fun stuff. We especially encourage artists and graphic designers to join up and help us with our campaign in your area.

If you have a myspace, I encourage you to join up, start some activism shit in your area. That'd be cool.

Teens Changing the World

New Article/Voting

By Andrew

In good consciousness, I cannot support the concept of the 'right' to vote. By voting, one instills authoritarian power in the hands of the few, when the power belongs to the individual. Voting is nothing more then an authoritarian
policy. By allowing this policy to take root, libertarian ideals can
never blossom. In a sense, voting in this democratic-republic, that
we call the United States of America, takes away our natural rights.

Voting acknowledges government power. By acknowledging this power, more and more power is given to the government, rather then the individual. If in the next election for president, not a single vote was cast, this democratic republic would cease to function as is. Yet nothing would actually change. The
authoritarian powers would only have to find another way to justify
their power, which is what they would do. Examples of this can be
seen in parts of Africa and pre-invasion Iraq. By this logic, the
democratic-republic's system is inherently flawed at best. This
system actually gives no power to the masses by 'giving' them the
right to vote, only the illusion of power.

I am not apathetic to voting. I actually care a great deal about voting. So much so, that I refuse to vote. The idea of voting is nothing but a dangerous tool created by
authoritarian powers to cement their power.
By refusing the vote, I have cast my
vote to where the power belongs...

This Isn't American Behavior...

I would just like to throw a big thanks out to all the THOUSANDS of people who attended any of the Tea Party protests this week. I'd also like to apologize for not posting in a while. Haven't gotten around to Issue 2, printer problems.

What is the one thing you can say about the political left? They love to protest. So what's the problem here? What's not American here? The fact that the Liberal public in our country is actually outraged that we free American men and women for once in a long time are actually using our voices to protest injustice. I've spoken of dissent before, I'm a fan, it's necessary, it keeps our government accountable.

This is baffling to me. How those crazy bastards on the far left side of the board can hypocritically say that we [conservatives] are un-American for protesting some we think is unfair, something we think is unjust. Well, we must be doing something right. We're putting a ruffle in their feathers. I am proud of the reactions of the left, they say we are un-American, we are un-Patriotic. Because non-Hollywood men and women, those of us who have real jobs, are finding our voices they are getting pissed.

What does this behavior prove?
This behavior is, to me at least, a brief preview of the country to be if we Right-Protesters quit doing what we're doing. We must continue, we must rise up, and we must yell at the top of our lungs: "Do Not Tread On Me."

Friday, December 19, 2008

Outrage! News!

Some of you might know that I've been emailing Mitch Clem the creator of Nothing Nice To Say the world's first online punk comic. I've been trying to get his permission to publish his comics in the zine. I wouldn't feel right morally or legally to do so without his permission.

Well I tried a second time to get his permission, this time I got a reply:
So long as I get credit/links for everything that is mine and you don't alter anything I did, then go crazy!

So yeah. I'm stoked and Mitch Clem is cooler than I previously thought. I've talked to him before and he's a super nice guy, this just brings up his level in my book. So that's cool.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Article/DIY Aesthetic

DIY Aesthetic
By Morgan

Ever wanted some clothes that are just your style but don’t want to spend some ridiculous sum of money? The answer to your problem is DIY. DIY stands for Do It Yourself, it has been a big part of counter culture since the days of the hippies. Confused on where to start? Well, that’s pretty easy to solve.

There are many projects you can embark upon to being your DIY lifestyle. First and foremost is the customized jacket. All you’ll need is a jacket (duh), and whatever you want to put on it.

When you have your denim jacket, leather jacket, or hoodie that you’re undoubtedly anxious to customize, you can get something of your choice to put on it. Patches are what I’m talking about. Patches are good for advertising your interests, mainly bands. Patches can be purchased from very wide amount of places such as music stores or online sites such as or the great thing about patches are they’re absurdly cheap. It’s up to you, but you might want to look in to buying a back patch, it’s just as cheap, but it covers the most of the back of your jacket.

First thing’s first, once you find the patches you want to put onto your jacket of choice you’re going to put them on. Back patches can be easily put on by means of safety pins, but if you want something a little more substantial then you can sew it on using sewing thread or (as the crust punks do) by using dental floss. Dental floss is cheap to buy and it has a very high strength. Finish it off with your other patches of choice on the arms or fronts or sides. In my opinion a patch across the front pocket on a pull over hoodie looks really good.

So I got my patches on now what do I do?
Once your patches are on you have a wide variety of choices, you can put studs on your back, around the patch(s) and you can put spikes in the shoulders, both of which can be purchased for low cost from the above sites ( and Another thing you can do is sew on different fabrics of your choice, popular fabrics are leopard and zebra print, and plaid. As well, fabric paints come in all colors imaginable, and you can always stencil on words and designs using spray paints.

Now I’m not telling you to go out and purchase a 60 dollar denim jacket, or a 200 dollar leather one, that would defeat the purpose of this article. A good way to find some good leathers and other jackets is by thrifting. Check out the local thrift stores in your area. Also, when looking for fabrics or other materials try out discount stores in your areas alongside thrift stores.
If you find a shirt that has the right material then purchase it, it doesn’t matter if it’s the most god awful shirt on the planet, if it’s the right material, it’s the right material. Working like this can save you a whole lot of money.

There are a lot of people who seem to have DIY go right over their heads. Asking “but where will I get my studded belts without Hot Topic?”

Hot Topic did something amazing. They commercialized the counter culture. Hot Topic killed DIY. What happened to C-Squat? What happened to self funded record labels? What happened to home made and Xeroxed zines? DIY is something that we should all get in to, thrifting saves money, it teaches you, gives you skills, and lets you get out into your own.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Article/"Million Dollar" Farms

“Million Dollar” Farmers
By Morgan

You may have heard recently that the House Agriculture Committee voted to ban federal subsidies for farmers making over $1 Million a year. Does this sound like the average income of a farmer to you? Those people whose job it is to put food on our plates? That’s probably because it isn’t. In fact, the average income of an American farmer is approximately 30-40 thousand dollars a year, keep in mind that your average manager of a retail store makes approximately $41, 434 a year (according to You might be wondering with the $1 million comes from, well there are two different incomes that you can look at, there is the Gross Income and then there’s the Net Income.

The Gross Income is your entire income, throughout the year, that adds up your entire income before deductions such as taxes, before any other deductions. The Net Income, on the other hand, is how much money you make AFTER taxes and other deductions. Is it very hard to see which income they seem to be going off of? I would say not.

It seems that ever since Vice President Al Gore, leftist politicians have wanted to stop agriculture in America. I mean, we’re amongst the most successful countries in the world, why should we need to eat? To provide jobs and food for our children?
There are many groups of people, politicians (the Bush administration amongst them) that say that Farm Subsidies need a bit of an overhaul. While this is true because millionaires, foreigners, people who don’t even have enough land or production to qualify as a commercial agricultural enterprise are amongst those getting a piece of the federal dollar pie; the subsidies don’t need to stop, they need to be fixed.

"It will do very little to make our agriculture policies more equitable, will not address the real challenges we face at the WTO, and it will not do anything to help our farmers produce for the market rather than for the government paycheck," said Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis.

I urge you all to write to your senators and your representatives to try and get something else. Wisconsin Democrat Ron Kind wrote a replacement for this. In his replacement he writes that rather than removing subsidies from farmers which will do the American and international economies no good, he proposes that the government implement subsidized saving bank accounts that farmers can utilize when crop prices are low or the yield is poor.

Mike Johanns, the Agriculture Secretary has been a large critic of the comity attempting to change farm policy. Southern crops such as cotton and rice are so expensive to produce farmers cannot do it without federal help.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Article/Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men
By Morgan

The best-laid plans of mice and men
Go often wrong

To A Mouse- Robert Burns

The right to vote has always been one that has been deeply respected, and fought for. From the battlefields of Lexington and Concord, to Fort Sumter, to the convention at Seneca Falls, the right to vote has been a staple issue. However, in the past few years I’ve been noticing a disconcerting apathy in the people of America. The neglect (and often the unwillingness to vote) is a very large issue, and people need to once again be shown the importance of their vote.

We in America are granted a far too often overlooked right. We have the rare ability to actually have a direct say in what our government does for us. As Malcolm X once said, being here in America does not make you an American. To be an American is to share of the great and the fail of our country.

Voting holds importance not only in the present, but in the past and in the future. People such as Sojourner Truth and Lucretia Mott fought for the rights of all to be equal in their ability to vote. Why should we forfeit it now?

Is it not true that we all are equally affected by the outcome of the vote? Why forfeit your ability to make change for the better? Voting is one of the most important rights we have; it keeps our country from becoming what we’ve so passionately fought against. Even when the people have spoken and you stand on the threshold of defeat, you voted. You made your voice heard, and you made use of one of the greatest gifts that your country can give you. Remember the fight for the 19th amendment.

Vote. Be Heard.

Sitting at the table doesn't make you a diner, unless you eat some of what's on that plate. Being here in America doesn't make you an American. Being born here in America doesn't make you an American.
Malcolm X, Malcolm X Speaks, 1965